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Meet our youth leaders.


I’m a fifteen-year-old teen that goes to Hoover High School. During this campaign I have gained more confidence to inform others because I have more information on teen pregnancy. I know I can inform other teens about this issue that is corrupting not only our community but also our society.

Also, I learned that I have a chance to lead and steer younger minds away from negative influences. So, let us step into the shoes of role models and change our community.


My name is Dejah and I’m a 15 year old finishing up my sophomore year at Roosevelt High. The reason why I’m dedicated to this campaign is because I believe not enough teens are educated about sex. They should be educated so they can make responsible choices.

I’ve been in the program since 6th grade, and now as a sophomore I feel really confident speaking in front of crowds and educating people about sex. I hope this campaign will help lower the pregnancy rate in our community because more teens will be educated on safe sex.


My name is Austin. I am a freshman at Hoover High School and also 15 years old. I am of Hispanic and Asian heritage. I joined Backyard Boyz as just for something to do, but now it provides a sense of accomplishment and we get to help with a cause.

Teen pregnancy prevention is a big thing in America. For now we are helping the cause in Des Moines. This needs to be seen and taken seriously. Joining this program is my way of helping this cause.


My name is Brittany, I am fourteen years old and in ninth grade. I have been in Whyld Girls since 6th grade. I am in the program because it helps people be themselves. I am in the pregnancy prevention program because there is youth around me that need advice and help but don’t want to ask. I want to be able to help them.

This program is all about uniqueness, along with equality. They teach us to use our talents to help others. Some of us can help others up and this is what we are trying to do for you.


Hey There! My name is Janessa, like “Vanessa” with a “J” = ) I am turning 16 next month and am currently finishing up my sophomore year at TRHS. I’ve been a Whyld Girls participant since 6th grade and I stay involved because this program has taught me the value of my opinion and self-confidence, and I want to help other girls develop these same life skills.

When I’m not doing Whyld Girls stuff, I’m doing music. It’s something like my 2nd love next to school and education. I sing in 2 choirs at school and 3 church choirs as well as play the piano. The Whyld Girls has taught me the essence of balancing everything that goes on in life so that I can have a successful Future.


Hello, my name is Cheyenne, like “Shyanne”. I am a junior at North High School. I am currently 17 years old. I joined Whyld Girls when I was in the 6th grade. I stayed with the program because it gave me more confidence in myself and I wanted to see that in the other girls that come through the program.

I enjoy reading, going to the movies, and hanging with friends. Besides being in Whyld Girls, I am also involved in Upward Bound, Gear Up, D-PREP, and Academic Decathlon.

I hope that this website is very helpful and gives you lots of information. Thanks for visiting the website and seeing what the Whyld Girls and Backyard Boyz believe in.


My name is Jalen and I am 15 and go to Roosevelt. Throughout my life I haven’t been sure of my future. I was worried on what might happen when I do grow up and if I would succeed or not. By joining the Backyard Boys I slowly started to realize that to be able to succeed one must work hard and take the extra steps to plan ahead.

We learned about keeping focus and its importance by having quiet time everyday and writing in our journals. Taking these breaks helped me to understand the material and get the lesson. In the Backyard Boys we also learned about planning by sitting down and writing down upcoming meetings and events. Even today I’m still not sure of what I want to be but by working hard and planning I could be anything I dream.


“If you don’t do your own thinking, someone else will do your thinking for you.”

Hello everyone, my name is Rebecca. I’m 18 Years old attending East High School. I’m participating in this program because I strongly believe that we are the leaders of tomorrow. We are making the change that needs to be made. Many teens don’t get the right information that they need to get it.

A program like this is very helpful, and I get the right the information. Teens have questions and we have answers. Let us be heard. We are the future of tomorrow and lets start with a safe beginning (:


My name is Destiny. I’m 15 years old finishing up my freshman year at North High School. I like to read, write, act, and talk(: I’ve been in Whyld Girls For 3 years now and I plan to stay. I am in Whyld Girls because I like to use my voice. Being outspoken has helped me grow a positive representation of myself.

I am committed to the pregnancy prevention campaign because it’s vital. I’m getting informed about things that will help me in my future. A lot of people don’t take time to talk about pregnancy. It’s time to start.


What did I learn? Umm, that’s a pretty hard question to have answered. This campaign has been a great experience and there’s so much we’ve accomplished and so much we’ve learned. I learned how to act in a commercial, how to come up with a beat from scratch, and how to write a script.

It all took hard work and a lot of passion, but we all found a way to connect with one another, even though some of us had some had a hard time working together. We all knew what we were here for, and that was to show everyone what future really means through art.

Being a brother group to the Whyld girls we kind of have to mess around with them a little but showing others how hard we can work and accomplish our goals and ideas, to become achieved. Well that just shows that we are like a little family coming from all different schools, places, races, and backgrounds. It also shows that you can find the brightest ideas from the darkest places.

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